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NKMC Old Dominion Chapter welcomes two new members

Yesterday, Nam Knights Old Dominion Chapter welcomed 2 new brothers into our club. Randy "Cleveland" and Ricky "Juicebox" both started out as hang-arounds with us back in the summer of 2015. Early on, even as hang-arounds, they were eager to pitch in and help us and those around us. After a short time with them as hang-arounds, it was an wasy choice for us to promote them to the next level of responsibility and make them full fledge prospects. While prospecting with us, they continued to exhibit the same great qualities and attitude that we look for in members. They were always willing to help anywhere they could. They consistently went above and beyond when asked to perform any task. This made it very easy for us to promote them again, and finally be able to call them "brother". Yesterday, the Nam Knight Nation gained two new brothers, Juicebox and Cleveland. Welcome to the family brothers. We are all truely honored to call you Brother. Congratulations!

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