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What being a Nam Knight means to me (NK K-9)

I was attracted to this club and in particularly the Nam Knights because it’s a law enforcement and military organization that gives back to those in need. That is why we are here. The benefits of being in this Chapter is that we develop deep friendships, can share and be around like minded people while doing what we love most, riding motorcycles. We do this with honor and integrity. Our Founder, being of both discipline’s (Military and Law Enforcement) and with the help of his closest friends believed that honor, integrity, respect and giving back from our fortunate lives to the less fortunate. They are the corner stones of how this organization behaves. I felt this was a great combination for me and was very familiar with the combination. I also thought since my father was a Vietnam veteran, I thought it was a nice tribute to him and to be a part of something bigger. As long as I am a Nam Knight, I will constantly strive for good and will help those in need, no matter who, I will live my life with honor and integrity treating all men and women with respect, I will defend the weak and support the needy no matter the circumstance and I am accountable to my brothers of this club for my actions. This is what being a Nam Knight of America means to me.

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