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What being a Nam Knight means to me

I have been a part of the Nam Knights since 2009, having had the opportunity to be part of several chapters as I moved around and travel to many events ​all around the country with my brothers. Visiting with the many chapters in this great club, I have learned many things from those that have been around since the beginning in 1989 through the guys that are just starting their journey with us. From the big Rolling Thunder event where I was a prospect at my first one and subsequent years, through the small times spent one on one with a brother, just talking through things I have gained a lot of knowledge and information. This club is made up of many great people, and families that support the things we do. We are here for the good things and to support the struggles of life to help get you through it. We do so much for the causes and charities we support and bring so much positive to our communities it is great to be able to show people there is still a lot of good in this world. There are so many great times and memories I have had over the years to draw on or reflect back on. I have to say the one I will treasure the most is the day I received the Charter to start this chapter Old Dominion and able to bring all these great guys and their families along for this great ride we are enjoying. The bonds we are forming here and the great things we are doing are with out a doubt amazing we have the ability to get things done and work through anything that comes our way we have great people through out the chapter and I see nothing but greatness for Old Dominion NKMC for a long time.

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