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The loss of a friend and a family in need

Doug “Blackwater” Patrick was on his way to a wake in Stafford when he was killed at mile marker 150.3 on I-95S in Virginia on his way to pay his respects to a fallen brother. He and the vehicles in front of him were yielding to a traffic slow down when a vehicle 3 cars behind failed to slow and collided at approximately 83mph and caused an accordion effect in seconds that sandwiched our friend between two SUV’s. He was taken via helicopter to the hospital and after 4 hours of surgery did not make it.

He was an Army/Air Force Veteran with 27 years of service as a Munitions specialist and IT. He leaves behind a wife and two children, a son, Drake, who is 14 and daughter, Amber, who is 10. Doug was 48 years old and his family has decided to lay him to rest at Quantico on December 9th at 1pm which would have been is 49th birthday.

CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club) is working to raise funds to support the funeral costs of 2600.00 and to cover the basic living expenses of the family (the due and past due bills) to carry the family through until January 1. This will allow the family to get through a difficult 7 weeks, with the holidays especially and the upcoming funeral. The sum total through January 1 to keep the basic functions of the house going that the children are living in for Gas, Electric, Water, Sewer, Trash, Cable, Cell phones, is 1344.12. This does not include need for gas groceries etc.

If anyone reading this would like to donate and help, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the CVMA so that you can donate directly to this family in need.

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