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What being a Nam Knight means to us

Starting on March 1st and continuing every other day, we will be posting what being a Nam Knight means to each of us. We will hopefully be conveying how important this club is to us and how we try our best to make a positive difference in others lives. We will be recalling the memories that stick out the most to us while part of the club. There are several of us and each of us have different amounts of time with the club. We have everything from a couple of guys who have been with the Nam Knights for years and years and years all the way down to a couple that we just recently promoted to full patch members. We even have a prospective (Prospect) member who can give his thoughts on this topic. This should be a very interesting topic and blog series to read. Remember, check back here on March 1st to start this off and then come back every couple days to catch the new posts.

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