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What being a Nam Knight means to me (NK Spook)

Being a Nam Knight is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. After leaving the Police Department, I felt lost. I was searching for the camaraderie that was present between the officers on my shift, between my partner and I and between pretty much everyone in the department. I was lucky enough to have a friend who is a Nam Knight and he turned me onto the club. I started hanging around with the club and I saw pretty quick that it was something that I wanted and needed to join. I got to see everything (or so I thought) that the club had to offer during my hangaround and prospect periods. I was lucky enough, that when the other members thought that I was ready and worthy, I was promoted to a full patch member of the Nam Knights of America. During the later phases of my prospect period, and in the early part of my full patch membership, I got to see what the Nam Knights are really about. Twelve of us really came together and started a new chapter of the Nam Knights. We started the Old Dominion Chapter. I got to see 11 other guys really focus on the things that mattered. They put a lot of thought into how we could best help other people. Together we worked out how to maximize the amount of good that we could do no matter how much we had to work with. Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of being a part of one of the best groups that I have ever had the honor of being associated with. I have seen guys give up their afternoons and weekends to help people in need and drive 300 miles just to check on the well-being of people in need. I hope I have managed to convey what this club means to me and what being a Nam Knight means to me.

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