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Harley maintenance tips and tricks

This is a fairly simple and short blog post. This covers the top 10 Harley Davidson maintenance tips. These are simple things that a lot of people tend to overlook. Some of them you should check every time before you ride and others get checked when you perform your maintenance. Without further ado, here they are:

Check your fluids: For the oil, warm the engine then check, add as needed: Trans – primary levels (consult your manual on the levels needed)

Battery Condition: Check the water/acid levels; check battery posts: clean and keep the connectors tight, loose cables will cause havoc.

Belts: Check tension, Check belts for rocks/holes, etc. Chains – lube & adjust as needed.

Tires: Check condition and wear patterns: check for cupping, nails, other foreign bodies that shouldn't be in them and check the air pressure. Under inflated or over inflated tires can cause tire damage/irregular tire wear/cupping/blow outs and possibly can cause you to wreck.

Air Filters: Clean or replace as needed. Also, fuel filters when needed (check with service dept/manual for recommended maintenance cycles)

Cables: lube & adjust. T-cable operation should be free and not sticking. Clutch cable – lube and adjust.

Lights: Check turning, brake lamps, switches, headlamps, and passing lights to ensure they are operational.

Brakes: Check break pad wear and all lines for leaks. Check fluid levels.

Nuts/bolts: Check critical fasteners for proper torque.

Spokes: Check tightness on rim/wheel and also for run out (if not sure check with service dept.) Also, on all vehicles that require wheel bearing service , check or have that service done at required service intervals.

If you follow the above, you should minimize the troubles that you encounter while owning and riding your bike. The better you care for her, the better she will treat you. Ride safe and dont forget to check back in a couple days for more maintenance tips and tricks.

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